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iP 2014 – Thanks to all!!!

into | PARADISE 2014 was a terrific weekend and we look forward to 2015 with you. From 12 to 15 June 2015, the paradise starts in the second round!

Wow, what an awesome into|PARADISE weekend! We are still totally impressed of all your feedbacks. We hope you had a good trip back and you had a great time at into|PARADISE. Here already a few first impressions of the event (more are coming very soon!)


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We say THANK YOU! You’ve been a terrific audience and without your enthusiasm into PARADISE were not such a great event. Pam Ann is still fucking thrilled and wants to come back into|PARADISE, the ” Priscilla ” had mega fun and were surprised by the great atmosphere , Kate Ryan has rocked the stage. And Kay Ray did a great show with. We are working on the photo library on the website and a film will also coming soon.


Even now, we get a lot of feedback. We know that there is a need for improvement in some places . And by next year to do things better and differently, we look forward to your feedback . Utilizes best facebook to communicate your wishes , ideas and suggestions for next year. Give us your feedback here: Facebook-Feedback 


into | PARADISE will start a 2nd round. From 12 to 15 June 2015, the Center Parcs again will be the place to be for the gay and lesbian community . The pre-sale has already started . So use the opportunity and get one of the best  early bird rates ! Tickets for iP 2015 are available here: iP 2015-Tickets.


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